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Feedback from People Living with Dementia

  • “I just love coming here.  Sometimes I don’t want to leave.” 
  • “I’m very lucky. The Brown Center is interesting and fun and has made my life easier.”
  • “I’m comfortable here. It feels like home.”
  • “I like the option of knowing the others are here but I like not having to be right in the crowd. I like the flexibility of being able to do my own activity.”
  • “When I’m here, I always have a great day.”
  • “That’s why we come here… to confirm that we’re all okay.”
  • “I enjoy being with other people my age. I’m up and ready when I come.”
  • “We always have fun here.”
  • “I am living with the love of my life. I need the outside stimulation to bring back something to our relationship.”
  • “I find the people very pleasant. I enjoy coming. I love the cleanliness. I also like my daughter and her family but it’s nice to get out and see other people.”
  • “I think the world is moving fast. What happens here happens every time. There’s a feeling that a program you come to is now a part of you.”
  • “My memory has definitely improved since coming here.”
  • “It’s really enjoyable to do this, and to be able to communicate with people who have some of the same issues that I have.
  • “It makes life a lot better. My wife has things to do. I can come here; it makes life better for both of us. It’s a wonderful place.”
  • “This is the best place to be.”
  • “I just miss it when I don’t come here…. I know there are days when I don’t come, and that’s okay, but I really miss it. And I really mean that.”